How to Find Facebook Friends in a City

Have you ever wondered how many of your friends live in a certain city? Do you know which of your friends live in which cities? In this post, I will talk about finding your friends on Facebook that are located in a certain city.

In the past, search engines were the main tool for finding someone online, including your relatives and friends. Now that we have a number of highly popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, finding a friend that you are looking for has become much more easier. Especially Facebook, as one of the most visited websites with over a billion users, is a place you can most probably find anyone you seek in the world.

You can search for people on Facebook in a number of ways such as by their name, by their email address, by their city etc., you can even search for people without logging in to your account, in case you prefer to conduct your searches privately.

TIP: Sometimes, after performing some searches on social media sites while logged into your account, you may want to clear your search history for privacy reasons. The following tutorials explain how to do that:

How to Clear Instagram Search History

We can divide finding Facebook friends in a city in two categories. The first one is to find Facebook friends who currently live in a city; these are the people you are already connected as friends on Facebook. The second one is to find your friends who live in a certain city on Facebook; these are people you are friends with in real life but not yet connected on Facebook as "Facebook friends".

Now, let's see how these searches are performed.

Finding Friends in a City on Facebook

Facebook has a number of highly useful filters and search query templates that you can use for finding people, pages, groups and other things. Those query templates are usually intuitive but they may not always be easy to figure out for the less experienced Facebook users. Below, I will demonstrate the use of two special search queries for finding your friends on Facebook who live in a specific city.

1. How to Find Facebook Friends Who Live in a City

In this section, we will make a search to find who live in a certain city among your Facebook friends. This search will cover only the people that are currently on your Friends list.

STEP 1: Go to Facebook ( and log in to your account.

While you can perform searches on Facebook to find people without logging in, this process requires that you are logged in.

STEP 2: Type the following into the search box at the top navigation bar and click the search button or press Enter.

friends who live in new york

How to Find Facebook Friends in a City - 1

Simply change the city name (new york) to the one that you will search friends in like in the examples below:

friends who live in los angeles
friends who live in london
friends who live in paris
friends who live in tokyo
friends who live in sydney

Once the search is performed, if you have any friends on your Friends list who live in that city will be listed on the search results page. Note that, this will list only people who have selected the city they are living in as the city that you included in your search. There are times where some users don't make their city information available, hence such friends will not be listed.

How to Find Facebook Friends in a City - 2

2. How to Find Friends Who Live in a City on Facebook

In the second method, the purpose is to find your friends who live in a certain city that you are not connected with on Facebook yet.

After logging into your Facebook account, type the following query into the search box and hit the search button:

people who live in miami

Simply change the city as you wish. This search query will find anyone who set their city to Miami from their profile settings. This will also include your Facebook friends but they won't necessarily be listed at the top of the search results list.

Browse the search results page by checking the names of the users for finding your friends and then connecting them with on Facebook. Keep in mind that there may be multiple profiles with exactly the same name and surname, hence check the profile images and further details of your friends to make sure you found the correct profile before sending any friend request.

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