Is There a Way to See Who Liked My Comment on YouTube?

Have you ever wondered who are those people who like your comments on YouTube videos? Have you checked all the account settings pages in vain looking for the users who liked your comments? In this post, I will try to give an answer to a question about comment likes that's asked by many YouTube users.

I've come across many questions about finding out who liked a YouTube comment and I thought that it would be appropriate to provide a detailed answer so that many YouTube users seeking answers to similar questions will waste no further time. Besides, I would also like to warn you against scammers who may make you believe certain impossible things can be done via "installing an app" or "visiting a link" and trick you into taking action that will most probably result in losing your YouTube account or catching a virus.

So, let's start.

Unfortunately, we are living in an age in which who you interact with does not really matter. What really matters is the numbers. The number of friends or connections you have, the number of likes or dislikes you receive, the number of views, upvotes or downvotes your profiles, shares, posts, videos or streams got. For most people on the Internet, the bigger numbers they have, the better it is for them and the better they feel, regardless of what those numbers really mean and who contribute to those numbers.

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I mean, who wouldn't say "Yay!" after noticing their comment has got so many upvotes in such little time?

However, there are also some people who care about the people they interact with, in a personal level. Sometimes they would like to know from whom those likes and upvotes come from because they care about them and sometimes it is just out of curiosity. Since you are reading this post, I can assume that you also have your own reasons for finding out who liked your comments on YouTube videos.

The next section will explain whether or not you can know the people who like your comments and if that information is made available to you in your YouTube account.

Who Liked My Comment on YouTube?

From my own web development experiences, my understanding is that when you post a comment on a YouTube video, your comment is stored on YouTube's database with your username (or user ID), the comment content, the timestamp, the video ID and the parent comment ID if it is a reply to another comment. The upvotes and downvotes your comment receives (just like the upvotes and downvotes videos receive) are stored in the database just as numbers. In other words, the system does not "care" about who is responsible for the "Like". It stores only numbers (5 likes, 10 likes, 100 likes, etc.) and doesn't store the IDs of the users who placed those Like's.

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That's my understanding, the YouTube comment system might work differently from what I described above, but the result is the same. The information about who liked your comments is not made available to you as a user. Considering that it is not a big deal for the average user who makes a comment and forgets about as soon as the next video starts playing, and also that it would require additional server resources to keep track of who liked what comment and display that information, it is understandable that this information is possibly not stored and made visible to the users.

The summary is that unlike Facebook where you can see who liked your posts and comments, as it is more of a social networking platform where interactions and communications matter more than they do on YouTube, you can't see who liked your comment on YouTube, that is, until YouTube introduces a feature to track comment likes, like they recently allowed users to track their own comments in their account history. So, I will say it once again in big bold text so that you won't continue wasting time looking for it:

You can't see who liked your YouTube comments.

Not only that you can't see who liked your YouTube comments but you can also not view your previous comments on a dedicated page. To help you with finding your comments, you can check our tutorials about how to find your YouTube comments and how to keep track of YouTube comments if going back to your older comments and check the activity on them is important for you.

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