Pinterest Browser Button Not Working: How to Solve?

In this post, I will talk about a couple of things you can do if your Pinterest browser button is not working.

Pinterest offers a Pin It button extension for various web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to let you easily pin the web pages or images that you want to save to your Pinterest account and share with your friends and followers.

From time to time, browser extensions may become malfunctioning due to a new update in the browser or a conflict with another extension that you install. Sometimes malware and other nasty software may also cause an extension to not work properly. Like most other extensions, you may also have issues with the Pinterest Pin It browser button extension and it may stop working or not work at all.

Pinterest Browser Button Not Working: How to Solve?

If you are having issues with the Pinterest button in your browser, you can try the following things to solve the issue.

How to Fix Pinterest Browser Button Issues

Use a Recommended Browser
First of all, make sure that you are using one of the web browsers that Pinterest recommends, which are Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This doesn't mean that you can't use other browser to pin your content but using the recommended browsers will decrease the likeliness of running into issues while using the Pinterest browser button.

Is Your Browser Up to Date?
Browsers are updated frequently which may cause some extensions to break or malfunction. Make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of your web browser.

Is Your Pin It Browser Button Up to Date?
Just like the browsers are regularly updated, extensions are also updated. Make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of the Pinterest browser button.

Are You Browsing in Private (Incognito) mode?
Most extensions require your permission to work in Incognito mode. If you are viewing the pages that you want to pin in Incognito mode, make sure to allow the Pin It Button extension to work in Incognito mode. In Chrome, you can visit extension options page at chrome://extensions/ and in Firefox, you can visit the extension options page at about:addons.

Do You Have JavaScript Enabled?
Most probably you would never disable JavaScript in your web browser unless you are a web developer testing things or have a specific need, but still make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser as any script type of features including most browser extensions work based on JS.

Reinstall the Pin It Button
If the Pinterest browser button is not working for no apparent reason, you can uninstall and reinstall it. Often times, this may fix the issue. It will be better if you close and reopen your browser before reinstalling the Pin It button.

Clear Cache
Web browsers store a lot of files and information in their cache and history which may render some features including the extensions not to work from time to time. Clear your browsers cache and cookies and try the Pinterest button again.

Conflicting Extensions
There is a possibility that one extension may conflict with another and cause issues. To make sure this is not the case, Open the extensions page in your browser and disable each extension one by one and if the issue is fixed, identify which extension is causing the problem and either remove it or troubleshoot if there is a solution.

Can It Be the Website?
Sometimes, the Pinterest browser button doesn't work because of the website you are visiting. Check if you have the same issue on other websites and if not that means the website is the source of the issue. In that case you can either contact Pinterest or the website in question and report the bug.

Pinterest Browser Button Troubleshooting Help Page

If none of the above solutions work for you, you can try visiting the official help page of Pinterest for the browser buttons and check if there is any updates about a new issue which may be related to the one you are having or you can contact them and request further assistance.

Here is the link to that page:

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