6 Free Online Graphic Design Programs

You don't need to pay a fortune to expensive software in order to create your own graphic designs as there are many free desktop and online programs that you can use in your projects. In this post, I will make a list of 6 free and high quality online graphic design tools.


As the web design & development technologies and web browsers advanced to a brand new level and the connection speeds increased dramatically, we started to see more and more software and applications moving from desktop to online platforms. Graphic design programs are among those software that are now being offered as online web services, accessed from within a browser.

In addition to that, we are lucky to be in a generation where we can find freely available resources and tools everywhere. It makes the web design & development process a lot more fun to have access to so many options at our hands. There are also great paid tools you can use if you have the budget but often times the free tools are more than enough for your basic graphic design projects.

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Now, let's see which free online graphic design tools made it to our list, with no specific order.

1. Canva

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Canva is one the first tools that come to our minds when we think of online graphic design. Its popularity comes from its innovative and easy to use drag and drop user interface with lots of options and controls. Canva offers a free version and paid version with additional premium features. If you are just starting to enhance your graphic design skills or you need to complete a small project, you can immediately start using their free version simply by creating an account.

With Canva, you can create designs from scratch or built upon many templates they provide. You can design banners, book covers, business cards, flyers, infographics, photo collages, social media graphics and a lot more. You can also apply photo effects such as frames, blur and stickers. Canva is also offered in Spanish in case you prefer that language.

You can learn more about Canva graphic design platform on this link.

2. Fotor

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Fotor is another great graphic design program that has been rising in popularity recently due to its numerous design options, beautiful templates and intuitive interface. The free version comes with ads - ads are cool! :) - but it offers most features of the premium version and many templates you can use. You can create shapes, background, text and stickers easily with Fotor, you can also do photo editing tasks that you would expect from any basic photo editing tool.

Once you create your designs, you can easily save or share them with others from within Fotor.

To learn more about Fotor, simply visit this link.

3. BeFunky

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BeFunky offers a nice collection of templates that you can use in your designs such as event graphics, business designs, blog elements, social media graphics and cards. You can also create your own designs from scratch using its fun to use interface which you will get used to quickly.

One of the nice features of BeFunky is its project manager which you can use to save and access your design projects at a later time. You can also enhance your graphics with built-in design elements such as arrows, ribbons, ornaments, frames, infographics and illustrations.

You can check BeFunky here.

4. PicMonkey

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Another nice online graphic design tool we didn't want to skip is PicMonkey which has a free and paid version (with a 30-day trial). PicMonkey is a great tool to edit and touch up your photos but also to create designs from a blank canvas. You can design your own custom invites, banners, cards and covers easily with PicMonkey.

PicMonkey offers lots of cool custom effects on your images and designs, you can also add overlays, frames and textures with the click of a button. It allows you to save your resulting designs appropriately for the type of project you will be using them in with variable size.

If you would like to give PicMonkey a try, visit this link.

5. Desygner

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Desygner is a relatively new online graphic design software that is currently in beta. You can use it from your web browser but it is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. With its thousands of templates, you can easily create banners, posters, invitations, social media graphics and business designs.

You can import images into Desygner from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox and Flickr as well as PDF, PSD and Powerpoint formats, and output images in JPG, PNG and PDF formats and share online.

You can check Desygner here.

6. Sumo Paint

6 Free Online Graphic Design Programs - 6

Sumo Paint is the last tool in our list, which offers a Photoshop-like design experience with its unique interface within a web browser. You can open Sumo Paint and start creating your designs, without having to open an account. Sumo Paint works more like a fully featured desktop graphic design tool and offers most features you can find in one.

You can learn more about Sumo Paint and try it on this link.

This concludes our list of free online graphic design programs. By the way, if you need free photos or images to use in your designs, please check this post for stock images and this post for CC0 images.

I hope that you will find your perfect graphic design tool within this list. Please share this post if you liked this list.


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