The Longest URL in the World

Have you ever thought about how long an URL could be? This post will try to answer this question.

I guess it is time to give a break to tips and tutorials and talk about some interesting things on the web. In this post I will talk about the longest URL in the world. Actually, I can separate this into two subcategories like the longest domain name and the longest URL. Because an inner page will certainly have a longer URL than a domain name.

The Longest Domain Names on the Web

I did a quick search and found a document which mentions the character limits of a domain name. According to the Clarifications to the DNS Specification document by Network Working Group, a domain name cannot be longer than 255 characters in total, pretty long eh? But when you think of the actual domain without www., .com etc. it can be only 63 characters at max.

I found a number of interesting domain names that all have 63 characters. Here are the longest domain names in the world:

I guess there are many others but since there is a limit of 63 characters, there won't be any records for this.

The Longest URL on the Web

As I mentioned above, domain names are limited to 63 characters, but as far as I know page names do not have limits. For example, when you do a search on Google, the search result pages return with very long URLs in some cases. And here is an example with 1700 characters:

If you find some interesting long domain names, please send them to me and I will post them here.

EDIT: It seems that Google changed its algorithm and URLs such as the one above do not work anymore.

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