Download Videos from Any Website with Three Clicks

Did you know that you can easily download videos from websites as simple as a few clicks? In this tutorial, I will show you how to download videos using a simple browser extension on Firefox and Chrome.

A long time ago, Real Player media player was the main tool for downloading videos from websites. Since then, many websites, software and browsers such as Chrome and Firefox popped up, with extensions and addons that now offer the same functionality of video downloads.

We usually spend our leisure times online by listening to music on some free music listening websites, by watching videos on YouTube like sites or by following some interesting streams on some of the popular streaming websites. Sometimes, we watch the latest movie trailers, video tutorials about something we just started to learn or a detailed how-to video about a DIY (Do It Yourself) topic that we are interested in.

It is great to be able to access practically anything we want, whenever we want on the Internet. However, there are also times when we may have no Internet connection, such as a lack of Internet service at your location, traveling or having hardware issues connecting to the Internet. In such times, being able to open important video files to continue an important task, to follow a lesson or to prepare for a business presentation is also desirable.

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There are many websites with video content which have made their videos available for download and such websites do provide download buttons so that you can easily download the videos that you need. However, there are also websites which only make their videos available for displaying, without providing a way to download them. The method we will talk below covers this type of websites where you can't easily download videos.

A friendly warning before proceeding: All websites may have their own terms of use and some websites with video content may not give permission to the users to download their videos. Our recommendation is to download videos only from websites that allow it and stay away from those that don't allow it. You can check a website's terms page to see if they are allowing video downloads.

If you are going to be offline for a while for any reason and you definitely need to download some videos from a website for future reference while you are offline, you can also contact the site owner and explain your situation; they will most probably give you permission for downloading their videos and viewing them offline.

How to Download a Video from a Website

I will demonstrate how to download a video from a website using Firefox and Chrome web browsers, with the help of some free extensions.

How to Download Videos in Firefox

There is a large number of Firefox add-ons that let you download videos from websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitter, Instagram and others (remember to check their terms before you download from any of them). Some add-ons focus only on one specific website, whereas some other add-ons let you download videos from any website, as long as the video is not protected against downloads with highly complex mechanisms.

You can find a long list of Firefox video download add-ons on the following page:

Our pick from this list is the Video Download Helper addon which is used by about 5 million users and it is highly rated.

Download Videos from Any Website with Three Clicks - 1

STEP 1: Download and install this addon on Firefox here. It doesn't require a restart of the browser.

Once the addon is installed, a button for the addon will appear on the top toolbar. From now on, you will be using this button to download videos from websites.

STEP 2: Open the web page where you want to download a video from and click the addon button.

This will open a dropdown menu listing all the available videos on the current web page and options to download them.

STEP 3: Find the video that you want to download from the list, decide which version of the video you want to download and click on the arrow to the right side of that version as shown in the below image.

Download Videos from Any Website with Three Clicks - 2

STEP 4: On the next screen, select the download option that you want. You can also convert the video before downloading.

Download Videos from Any Website with Three Clicks - 3

The Video Download Helper addon has many options to help you customize how it works. This concludes the section about downloading videos in Firefox.

TIP: When you are done with a Firefox extension and have no plans of using it any further, you can remove it completely.

How to Download Videos in Chrome

Similar to Firefox, Chrome also has a number of video download extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. You can see a list of such extensions on the following page:

Download Videos from Any Website with Three Clicks - 4

As you may also see at the top of the list, the Video Download Helper extension is also available for Chrome. Simply install it and follow the same steps I explained for Firefox above. Go to the web page with the videos, click the addon button, select the video and video format and click the download button. That's all.

How long a video download will take depends on a couple of factors such as your Internet connection speed and the bandwidth of the website that you are downloading the video from. Also keep in mind that unnecessary video downloads will consume the web hosting bandwidth of the website, therefore you should download videos only when you are allowed to and only when it is necessary.

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