6 Free Poll Sites Where You Can Create Online Polls

Creating a poll to get the opinion of others on a topic is a great way of having a good understanding of the choices of your target audience or deciding on a specific matter. In this post, we will list 6 popular free online poll sites to create and share your polls.

Polls are great for finding out what your friends, your students, your readers, your website visitors, your customers, your employees think or prefer about certain topics. By preparing a short poll featuring a couple of multi-choice or multi-answer questions, you can gain invaluable insights to the opinions of your target audience.

If you are not a web developer who can build and share their own custom online polls on their websites, your best option for creating and sharing polls on the web is to use free online poll maker websites. Some of the advantages of using an online poll site to create your interactive polls are that you will never need to touch any code while creating the polls, you will never need to worry about how and where to host your poll, that they are accessible on any device including computers, mobile phones and tablets, and that they are free to use.

Most online poll creator sites allow you to share the poll link directly with the participants so that you will not need to have your own site to embed it, some poll sites allow you to also embed the poll code on your website or blog, that is if you have one -just like embedding a Google map- and some poll makers allow both.

Once created, you can post your poll online where others can see it and participate by casting their votes. In general, you can share your poll link on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter where you can ask the opinions of your friends and followers, on forums and discussion boards where you can ask the opinions of other members, or on any other website that you have permission to post and that you think would be a good place to collect votes for your poll.

There are some advanced poll creation tools online that usually require a recurring fee to get the most out of them, but there are also many free poll maker sites with less features which are usually more than enough to run simple polls and get results. The following section will list 6 of them.

Free Online Poll Maker Sites

Here are 6 of the most widely used free poll sites where you can create as many custom online polls as you want and share with others.

1. Straw Poll

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Straw Poll is probably the most popular online poll maker site where you can create free polls in under a minute. Straw Poll has a quite easy to use interface where you type your question, its answer options and hit the create poll button. It doesn't require for you to register for an account but if you would like to save your polls and access them later on your account, it is better to create an account. You can also use your Facebook or Google account for quick sign in.

Straw Poll offers additional customization for your polls such as allowing multiple poll answers for the same question, improved spam protection and duplicate IP checking. You can also check other users' polls on Straw Poll and vote on them. You can create simple polls on this site in less than a minute and share the poll link on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or on any website you want, as well as embed it. You should save the poll link, as after collecting the opinions of the participants, you will be checking the poll results on that same link.

Here is the link to Straw Poll.

2. Anon Vote

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Anon Vote is a nice tool to create free anonymous online polls. It allows you to create two types of polls: Text polls and Image polls. To create a poll on Anon Vote, you simply enter your poll name, add some additional optional information if you want and specify answers for users to pick from. You can add as many answers as you want and also add optional questions to get more targeted results out of your polls such as gender, age and income.

You can create public or private polls on Anon Vote. While both types of polls are accessible publicly using the poll link, the public polls might appear on the homepage of the site. You can specify if the poll accepts multiple answers and whether it is not safe for work or not. If your poll can be best presented with images, Anon Vote will be a good choice for you.

Here is the link to Anon Vote.

3. Poll Maker

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Poll Maker is another totally free online poll creation site where you can prepare polls quickly without signing up. Its simple but elegant interface allows you to enter your question, enter as many answers as you want, create the poll with the click of a button and then share it. Poll Maker offers extensive customization such as text or image answers, advanced text editor for answers, image cropper, more than 20 themes to make your poll look eye-catching and hideable Results button if you want to keep the poll results to yourself.

You can add comments on your polls that you create with Poll Maker, allow multiple votes from the same person, offer typeable "other" answer and share the poll on a number of social media sites such as Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest easily with the built-in buttons. Though it is not required, you can also create a free account to manage your polls and to monitor the real-time poll statistics.

Here is the link to Poll Maker.

4. Pollcode

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Pollcode offers a free online tool to create highly customizable polls. You can create polls on Pollcode without an account, but creating a free account gives you access to additional features and poll management. Your poll question can have up to 30 answers (never make such long polls!) and you can either use the direct link for sharing it with your friends or other people or put it on your website with the provided HTML code.

Among the customization options Pollcode has, we can count font type, color and size, background color or image, hideable "view results" button, and other style options such as width and shadow of the poll box. You can choose to let your users post comments on the poll and select multiple answers if they prefer.

Here is the link to Pollcode.

5. Poll Junkie

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Another free online poll maker website where you can quickly and easily create polls is Poll Junkie. It requires no registration and it has a simple interface for creating the polls. The polls on Poll Junkie expire after 1 month of creation by default, but you can specify a date before that time if you would like to close it earlier. One of the nice features other tools don't offer is that you can enter your email to receive the poll link upon creation so that you will not have to worry about saving the link.

You can create different types of questions for your poll on Poll Junkie such as multiple choice, rating (1-10), ranking (1st, 2nd, ...) and free text where participants can enter text as their answer. Similar to Anon Vote, you can adjust the privacy of your poll by allowing it to be visible on the open polls section of the site where users can find polls created by others.

Here is the link to Poll Junkie.

6. Easy Polls

6 Free Poll Sites Where You Can Create Online Polls - 6

The last online poll maker site on our list is Easy Polls which offers quite a number of features and customization options. It offers a free option with the most basic features you might need and a paid option with IP address filtering, location tracking, and removing ads. With Easy Polls, you can customize how your poll looks by changing its text, color, background and border styles.

Easy Polls offers additional options to further customize your poll that other poll maker tools don't have, such as editing vote and results button texts, result chart options, Facebook like button and comments. You can create polls on Easy Polls without an account but by creating a free account, you will have access to your previously saved polls and manage them.

Here is the link to Easy Polls.

Now that you learned about the most popular free online poll makers, it is time to create and share your first poll!

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