5 Great Sites to Listen to Free Music Online

Thanks to the freedom the Internet has brought to us, we can now listen to any type of music online for free any time we want. In this post, I will talk about 5 of the most popular websites where you can find your favorite songs and listen to music online for free.


In the past, the only ways to listen to free music were either the Television or the Radio. It was nice for sure, but you never had the option to listen to the songs that you liked any time you wanted; you could only listen to what the TV and Radio shows were presenting to you. The only option you had was to purchase the albums, cassettes or CDs of the artists, that is if you wanted to listen to them whenever you wanted. Though it was a good option to have, not everyone had the budgets to purchase all the songs they wanted to listen to.

Like almost everything else in our lives, Internet also changed how we listen to music. You can still purchase albums, songs and related media to support your favorite artists but thanks to the video and audio sharing websites, you can now listen to millions of music tracks whenever you want as long as you have an Internet connection.

If you wonder how those sites are able to offer songs for free, especially songs of worldwide popular singers, they can do that because the artists and their publisher companies allow them to do so by sharing their songs via those channels with the world for more exposure, better marketing, increased sales and also ad revenue.

If you are ready, we can continue with our list of 5 great sites where you can find and listen to songs for free.

1. YouTube

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Being the juggernaut of the video sharing platforms, YouTube would of course be at the #1 spot on our list because of its high popularity and large user base. YouTube is known to be a video sharing site but it is also the main platform where musicians and singers share their songs and related musical works online. Type any song that comes to your mind into the search bar and you will most probably find multiple versions of it.

YouTube doesn't require you to create an account to watch music videos but if you would like to personalize your browsing experience like by creating playlists and keeping track of your watch history, it is better to make an account, which is free. You can find almost all singers, bands, albums and tracks on YouTube, especially on its official Music channel.

Here is the link to YouTube.

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2. SoundCloud

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Since I learned about SoundCloud, it has become one of my favorite websites to listen to music. It is simply a great platform with all the nice features you could want from an audio sharing site. On SoundCloud, you can not only find popular songs but you can also find countless great and original tracks from new and upcoming artists.

You can listen to any audio track on SoundCloud without registering for an account. Though it has a premium subscription option with more features (which I highly recommend), you can still get the most out of it as a free user.

What I really like about SoundTrack is that since it has no video and it only plays audio files, it consumes much less bandwidth compared to YouTube or other video sharing sites. Another nice feature of SoundCloud is that you can keep listening to an audio track while you continue to browse the site without interrupting the song that is playing.

Here is the link to SoundCloud.

3. Spotify

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Another highly popular platform where you can listen to free music online is Spotify. It is a nice platform for all types of users since it is available on computers, tablets, mobile devices, TVs, wearables and even cars. You can search and easily find all the latest songs from your favorite artists easily on Spotify. You can also discover new tracks and create your custom collections.

Spotify's user interface gives you gives you full control about how you listen to the songs you like, follow your favorite singers and create your playlists the way you want. What I like about Spotify is that when you go to an artist's page, it lists all of her albums and songs which makes the songs you are looking for easy to find.

Here is the link to Spotify.

4. Bandcamp

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Bandcamp is an original audio sharing site in its concept where artists can create their own unique looking custom profile pages with their preferred graphics and art style. You can listen to songs on Bandcamp for free and also you can purchase the albums as digital download or physical deliverable such as vinyl or CD, if you prefer to support the artists. Bandcamp allows you to search songs based on their genres, formats, times and locations.

Bandcamp is a great platform that brings the fans and artists together that promotes sharing and also supporting in the community. The good thing about Bandcamp is that if you are considering buying a new album, you can listen to it first before buying and make sure it is something you would like to buy. It also allows creators to sell their merchandise on their platform.

Here is the link to Bandcamp.

5. Deezer

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Deezer is another popular website to find and listen to music for free without any limits. It is available on most platforms such as computers, tablets, mobile phones and TVs and its premium plan allows you to access your songs even when you are offline.

With over 40 million tracks in their archive, you will have a lot of options to create your own music libraries in various genres. You can easily sync your playlists and favorites across different devices. One of the nice features of Deezer is that you can display the lyrics while listening to a song so that you can sing while listening.

Here is the link to Deezer.

There's another free music website we didn't want to leave out of our list:

6. ReverbNation

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Another great website where you can find new and upcoming artists and music bands is ReverbNation. It is free to join as a fan and as an artist and it allows you to discover new artists as a fan and to be discovered by fans as an artist.

On ReverbNation, it is easy to find good music tracks with the help of the Crowd Picks and Charts sections where you can listen to tracks that are trending in the community globally or locally. You can share your finds with your friends and keep listening to your favorite tracks on your mobile devices.

Here is the link to ReverbNation.

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These are the top 5 websites that you can listen to free music online and on your mobile devices, without any limits and whenever you want to. If you liked this list, please share it with your friends.


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