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43 Interesting Websites You Can Visit When You're Bored Online

Internet is an ocean of websites of all sorts that could keep you busy for as long as you want but there may be times that you find yourself bored and having difficulty to find anything interesting online. This post will give you some nice options.


So, you are done with checking your emails, viewing your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, watching some videos on YouTube, reading the latest news, playing your favorite games a bit and now you are bored and need to find things to do online while you are waiting for something? You came to the right place as in this post, I will list 43 cool and interesting websites you can spend some time whenever you feel bored online.

Some of these websites are simple but engaging games, some of them focus on Google Maps related exploration, some of them let you create your own music and some of them are just pointless stuff that would make you forget how the time passed.

I found a lot more websites during my research but I had to filter many of them out. Because some websites were very annoying in terms of graphic, video or audio, some websites were using photos of other people which is most likely a breach of privacy, and some websites were not fun or interesting at all.

Now, let's start with the list of interesting websites that I compiled.

Interesting & Cool Websites to Visit When You are Bored

The following is the list of 43 nice websites that I believe will keep you busy when you are bored. Please note that some of the websites listed below automatically play music when opened, I placed a notice as "!! Plays Sound" for such sites.

1. 10 Fast Fingers

43 Interesting Websites You Can Visit When You're Bored Online - 1

One of the things that you can do when you are bored is to practice your typing speed, that is if you are willing to be a faster typer. 10FastFingers.com offers a number of free online typing games in different languages. You can even keep track of your progress by creating a free account.

Website Link: 10FastFingers.com

2. 9-Eyes

9-Eyes is a website built by Jon Rafman that features interesting photos found via Google Maps Street View. Prepare to see some very interesting photos the types of which you most probably have never seen before.

Website Link: 9-eyes.com

3. Agar.io

If you like addicting browser games, this one is for you. In Agar.io, you create your own circular cell and try to grow it by consuming other smaller cells of the same color, computer or user controlled. Beware though, as there are always cells bigger than yours that will try to consume you.

Website Link: Agar.io

4. A Good Movie To Watch

If you enjoy watching movies but you think you have watched all movies that you would like to, you can give AGoodMovieToWatch.com a try and see their best and random suggestions to get some ideas for good movies to watch.

Website Link: AGoodMovieToWatch.com

5. Animagraffs

Animagraffs is a personal portfolio website of Jacob O'Neal where you can see unique animated infographics such as "Inside a Jet Engine", "How a Car Engine Works", "How Speakers Make Sound" and "How a Handgun Works". Though infographics are very common around the web, it was a fresh discovery to find these beautifully animated infographics.

Website Link: Animagraffs.com

6. A Soft Murmur

Most people prefer listening to their favorite songs while working or resting. A Soft Murmur lets you try something else by offering ambient sounds like rain, wind, thunder, waves, birds and even a Tibetan singing bowl. Perfect choice if you are looking for just a relaxing atmosphere when you are not doing anything else online.

Website Link: ASoftMurmur.com

7. Clever Bot

CleverBot.com is clever AI bot that you can have a chat with. Type anything you want and it will reply accordingly. Be careful though, as it may say things that you wouldn't want to hear.

Website Link: CleverBot.com

8. Corgi Orgy (!! Plays Sound)

A screen full of adorable corgies and nice music in the background, what else can you want? :) Though some may find this site to be pointless, it may help you improve your mood every once in a while.

Website Link: CorgiOrgy.com

9. Dear Photograph

43 Interesting Websites You Can Visit When You're Bored Online - 2

A very interesting concept of a website, Dear Photograph users submit photos where they are holding another photo that was taken at the exact same spot in the past. In a way, they are comparing the past and present in an artistic way.

Website Link: DearPhotograph.com

10. Draw a Stickman

Draw a Stickman lets you create your own epic adventures by starting with a stickman that you draw and then continuing to draw objects and creatures as the story unfolds. I found it not only engaging but also educating.

Website Link: DrawaStickman.com

11. Everest Journey in 3D

Ever wanted to climb the Mt Everest but never had a chance to take climbing lessons? Now is your chance to explore the highest mountain in the world from the comfort of your web browser.

Website Link: Everest Journey in 3D

12. Find the Invisible Cow

This is a funny game where you move your mouse cursor on a blank page until the "cow" hint voice gets louder and the cursor turns into a pointer, at that point you click and find the invisible cow. You can continue finding cows and other animals which unlock as you find more cows, for as long as you want.

Website Link: FindtheInvisibleCow.com

13. Google Maps 2D Driving Simulator

This is a simple driving simulator game where you drive a car on the satellite map of Google Maps. You can drive at any location of your choice with multiple zoom levels. Perhaps, this driving simulator may help you get familiar with the roads of a city before visiting.

Website Link: Google Maps 2D Driving Simulator

14. Games for the Brain

Games for the Brain hosts many interesting games that you can play when you are bored. There are familiar games such as chess and sudoku, as well as unique games like number hunt, guess the colors and image quiz.

Website Link: GamesfortheBrain.com

15. Incredibox

You can create, record and share your own beat box music mixes with Incredibox. It has a rather fun-to-use interface that lets you easily create high quality mixes.

Website Link: Incredibox.com

16. Internet Live Stats

Ever wondered how many websites are there on the Internet, how many emails or tweets are sent or how many videos are watched on YouTube per day? Internet Live Stats provides real-time statistics of all such data (estimates based on real metrics) about the global Internet usage.

Website Link: InternetLiveStats.com

17. Lol My Thesis

Some random thoughts and statements from random sources including its users, Lol My Thesis will make you think, laugh or simply not care.

Website Link: LolMyThesis.com

18. Madeon's Adventure Machine

43 Interesting Websites You Can Visit When You're Bored Online - 3

Another simple online music making tool that allows you to create your own music using drum loops, bass loops and sounds. Though it has limited effect options, I like the quality of the sound of their effects.

Website Link: Madeon's Adventure Machine

19. Pollock

Pollock is an online canvas that you can go crazy with the brush in your hand and release the artist inside yourself. It starts with a blank canvas and as you move the mouse cursor, the canvas starts to get painted. Click the left button to change the color as you paint. You can refresh the page to start from scratch.

Website Link: Pollock

20. MapCrunch

If you like seeing places you haven't seen before, MapCrunch is for you. It displays random locations from Google Maps Street View. Simply click the Go button to find a new place and start exploring.

Website Link: MapCrunch.com

21. Nooooooooooooooo

This site is nothing but a big blue button that plays Darth Vader's voice saying "Nooo". I am guessing it is highly popular among Star Wars fans.

Website Link: Nooooooooooooooo.com

22. Pixel Thoughts (!! Plays Sound)

Looking for a relaxing music to clear negative thoughts off your mind? Pixel Thoughts helps you relax and realize how insignificant your problems really are in a unique way.

Website Link: PixelThoughts.co

23. Procatinator (!! Plays Sound)

Who doesn't laugh at funny cats? Procatinator randomly displays funny cat videos/gifs with matching music. To see the next cat video, simply click the "Show me another cat" button.

Website Link: Procatinator.com

24. Project Alexandria

If you enjoy reading books, you will find Project Alexandria to be very useful. When you do a search for a book on Project Alexandria, it displays the basic information about your search query and a graph that makes connections between related books which you can take as reading recommendations.

Website Link: ProjectAlexandria.net

25. Rainy Mood (!! Plays Sound)

Rain Mood is a website where you can listen to the relaxing sound of rain. It can also mix the rain sound with YouTube videos of your choice, providing a unique experience.

Website Link: Rainy Mood.com

26. Snap Bubbles

Snapping bubbles on wraps was one of the favorite things of my childhood, so, discovering this website placed a big smile on my face :) Start snapping the bubbles!

Website Link: SnapBubbles.com

27. Spreeder

Another activity you can do when you are bored is to practice your reading speed. Spreeder is an online tool that displays the text you enter quickly, to help you improve your reading speed. You can adjust the reading speed in words per minute as you wish.

Website Link: Spreeder

28. 100,000 Stars (!! Plays Sound)

100,000 Stars is a project created by Google Chrome experiments team that shows over 100,000 stars close to the Earth via an interactive visualization. I recommend viewing this beautiful space visualization in fullscreen mode of your browser.

Website Link: 100,000 Stars

29. Stratocam

Stratocam displays beautiful satellite images from Google Maps as a slideshow. You can either view the slides or enter a location to view its satellite imagery.

Website Link: Stratocam.com

30. The Oatmeal

43 Interesting Websites You Can Visit When You're Bored Online - 4

You probably already know about The Oatmeal, a funny comics website that you can spend a lot of time without even noticing. So, be careful when you click the link below.

Website Link: TheOatmeal.com

31. The Quiet Place Project

The Quiet Place Project is an interactive relaxation project that asks you to take certain steps leading into the quiet place where you will be welcomed with a beautiful, relaxing song. You may want to re-visit this site again and again after the first time.

Website Link: The Quiet Place Project

32. This Is Why Im Broke

This can be quite a distraction during your breaks or even turn into an addiction if you like online shopping as This Is Why Im Broke features some pretty interesting items to shop that you may find difficulty resisting to buy.

Website Link: ThisIsWhyImBroke.com

33. Texter

Have you ever drawn a picture with words? No? You can do it now using Texter, an online tool that lets you draw on a canvas and use the text you provide as the drawing lines. You can change the font size by changing your cursor speed while drawing.

Website Link: Texter

34. Touch Pianist

Touch Pianist is a different type of online piano where you can play some of the most popular classical songs by pressing any of the keyboard keys. You don't need to worry about which key you need to press, just focus on the correct timing of the notes and flow of the song. Also plays on tablets and mobile.

Website Link: TouchPianist.com

35. Tree Story

Like reading or writing stories? Tree Story is an online story writing tool that allows its users to write stories of their own or continue upon stories that other authors have started.

Website Link: TreeStory.me

36. TuneFind

TuneFind is an online music directory that lists songs from movies and TV shows. It's a good place to find that song you have always wondered about in a movie. It doesn't host full versions of the songs though, you can listen to the previews and follow the purchase links if you would like to. Definitely useful in finding the name of specific movie or TV show songs.

Website Link: TuneFind.com

37. Useful Science

Useful Science gathers factual or experimental information, usually scientific, from around the web about topics such as health, nutrition, fitness, sleep and parenting. I will leave the decision to you for how useful the science they provide is.

Website Link: UsefulScience.org

38. What Happened In My Birth Year

Would you like to know what happened in the year that you were born? Head over to WhatHappenedInMyBirthYear.com to find out. The site narrates some interesting events that took place in your birth year in an engaging way.

Website Link: WhatHappenedInMyBirthYear.com

39. Timelapse

Not a travel in time but using Timelapse, you can see how certain locations on the world have changed in the last couple of decades, demonstrated with the help of satellite images. Most images go back to 1984 and you can pause the slides to check how a location looked each year in detail.

Website Link: Timelapse

40. Zoomquilt

43 Interesting Websites You Can Visit When You're Bored Online - 5

Zoomquilt is an infinitely zooming image that zooms in and in until you realize that there is no end to it. But then it continues to zoom in further.

Website Link: Zoomquilt.org

41. Crazy Card Trick

One of the most basic card tricks known but still the first time you play, it may trick you. The premise is that you select a card and the system makes a correct guess. Try it until you figure out how the trick works.

Website Link: CrazyCardTrick.com

42. Bored Button

If none of the above sites helped to cure your boredom, give this website a chance as it randomly sends you to one of the hundreds of hand selected interesting sites that has a high possibility of grabbing your attention.

Website Link: BoredButton.com

Finally, this list wouldn't have been complete without the following website:

43. The Last Page of the Internet

Congratulations, your quest of browsing all the websites on the Internet is over :)

Website Link: The Last Page of the Internet

There is no doubt there are many more websites that would keep you busy when you are bored but I believe the above websites would be enough for a start.

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