10 Addicting Free Browser Games to Play When You're Bored

Are you having a lot of free time online and having difficulty finding what to do? Do you like playing small online browser games? In this post, we make a list of 10 highly popular online games that you can play within a web browser which will most probably make you forget how the time passes.


If you don't have anything to do at the moment, if none of your Facebook friends are online to chat, if your WhatsApp contacts are as silent as they have never been, if you can't find anything interesting to watch on YouTube, it means that might be a good time to give some fun browser games a try. Often times, you may get surprised at how long a simple free browser game may keep you occupied. Sometimes, you may find yourself playing the same game for months or even years, even though it just looks like a simple browser game.

When it comes to free browser games, you can find thousands of options to play. But not all of them are equally good and will keep you hooked and make you want to continue to play it again and again. There are some games that do certain things -in terms of gameplay- right, hence become quite popular and are played by dozens of millions of players in the long term. We prepared a list of such fun-to-play, often addicting free browser games to help you cure your boredom.

Note that, in order to play most online games, you will need to have Flash or JavaScript enabled on your browser, some of them require the Unity 3D Web Player. Make sure you haven't disabled JavaScript or disabled Flash in your browser if you are having issues with starting a game.

Though some of the online browser games can be played without creating an account, most require you to register for a free account, and if you want to save your progress so that you can continue from where you left off at a later time, you should create an account for that game, using your email address. It is a good idea to have a separate email address dedicated for the games you play; if you need a new email, you can check these free email account providers.

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We can now continue with our list of free browser games that you should give a try when you are bored.

10 Popular Free Browser Games for the Bored

Without a specific order, here is the list of browser games that may get you addicted. Remember that, even though they might look like simple browser games, some of them will still require enough RAM and a quality video card, as well as nice internet speed in order to play smoothly.

1. Agar.io

10 Addicting Free Browser Games to Play When You're Bored - 1

Agar.io is a highly popular and unique game like no other. In this game, you control a bubble of a certain color (green, yellow, blue, red, orange, pink etc.) and move around trying to eat other smaller bubbles which consist of non-moving computer generated food pieces or other players moving just like yourself and at the same time avoid getting eaten by larger bubbles. It has a point and level system as well as a real-time leaderboard.

Though it may sound very simple to play, mind you, mastering it will require a lot of practice. Agar.io is totally free to play with some optional purchases in the game shop that will speed up your gameplay. Also check our useful Agar.io tips.

You can learn more about Agar.io and play it here.

2. Clicker Heroes

10 Addicting Free Browser Games to Play When You're Bored - 2

Clicker Heroes is probably the most popular idle clicker game, which you can play actively by clicking (which we don't recommend for the sake of your fingers' health) or by taking a few actions and going idle and coming back to it from time to time. The purpose of the game is simple, though progressing may not be as simple as it might look. You click and slay monsters and proceed to the next level after slaying 10 monsters. At every 5th level, there is a boss encounter which is considerably harder than the other monsters in between. When you unlock a certain skill of one of your heroes, you can reset the world and re-start with improved power (which is the nature of idle games).

Clicker Heroes has a lot depth to it and new features are continuously being added at each new major update. There are dozens of heroes to level up, hundreds of upgrades to perform, many achievements to unlock, items to find and also you can form guilds with other players and join raids.

You can learn more about Clicker Heroes and play it here.

3. Kingdom Rush

10 Addicting Free Browser Games to Play When You're Bored - 3

Kingdom Rush is one of the most popular tower defense games that offers an amazingly fun gameplay. Currently available in three versions as Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Kingdom Rush Origins, as in all tower defense games, you build towers to defend against invading waves of enemies. It has different types of towers and many available upgrades to enhance your defenses. You can repeat each battle on the map as many times as you like, aiming for the 3 stars.

While the first Kingdom Rush game is available in browsers, the other two are available as an app and can be downloaded and installed from the Play Store or iTunes Store.

You can learn more about Kingdom Rush and play it here.

4. Realm of the Mad God

10 Addicting Free Browser Games to Play When You're Bored - 4

Realm of the Mad God is a free browser based MMORPG where you create a character and venture into adventures with other players. It has a pixelated type of visual design which is popular among many players, that you may or may not like, but it surely offers rich gameplay. In Realm of the Mad God, you level your character by fighting thousands of monsters, find loot and equip items and improve your abilities per your character class.

The game might look pretty simple graphic-wise, but its huge realm, many dungeons, highly detailed equipment system and pets system make it a nice game to try if you like slaying monsters and collecting loot.

You can learn more about Realm of the Mad God and play it here.

5. Transformice

10 Addicting Free Browser Games to Play When You're Bored - 5

Transformice is a free online game in which you control a mouse and collect cheese, kill cats and stuff like that a mouse might do. It is a quite popular game in the world with over 20 thousand players online at a give time. It has a number of maps you can play on and each map will offer different objectives to complete.

If you don't mind seeing a lot of cute mice jumping and crawling around, you should give Transformice a try.

You can learn more about Transformice and play it here.

6. Cookie Clicker

10 Addicting Free Browser Games to Play When You're Bored - 6

Cookie Clicker is another highly popular idle clicker game where you click to create as many cookies as you can without any time limits. You start the game by actively clicking on the cookie but soon you unlock buildings and upgrades to automatically create cookies while you are offline. It has over 300 upgrades and over 250 achievements to unlock, which means that it will take a long while until you complete them all.

If you are looking for a game that you can play every once in a while for short periods of time, Clicker Heroes will surely find its place among your bookmarks.

You can learn more about Cookie Clicker and play it here.

7. Travian

10 Addicting Free Browser Games to Play When You're Bored - 7

Travian is one of the most played online multiplayer strategy games, in which you establish your own village, construct buildings, create units and produce materials to form an army not only to attack enemy villages but also to protect your own village from invasions. You can form allies with other players and experience joint battles.

If you like multiplayer strategy games where you build your army and watch over your economy, Travian is for you.

You can learn more about Travian and play it here.

8. Adventure Quest

10 Addicting Free Browser Games to Play When You're Bored - 8

Adventure Quest is one of the oldest and most popular browser RPGs, that endured the test of time for over a decade. The game is currently available in two versions: Adventure Quest, the regular RPG and Adventure Quest Worlds, the MMORPG, and an upcoming Adventure Quest 3D is also under development. Adventure Quest offers lots of locations to explore, many items to collect, mighty monsters to defeat and levels to upgrade your character. If you feel like adventuring, give this game a try.

You can learn more about Adventure Quest and play it here.

9. A Dark Room

10 Addicting Free Browser Games to Play When You're Bored - 9

A Dark Room is definitely not your usual game and you will either love it or hate it. It is a game made of words only but it has great depth to it if you can show the patience to get accustomed to it. In A Dark Room, you read what information is provided on the screen and take one of the available actions based on what messages on the screen say. For example, when it says "The fire is dead. The room is freezing." you simply select "Light fire" option and proceed into the next encounter.

A Dark Room has many places to explore, trade goods to collect, interesting encounters to react to. Though it doesn't require a login, you can save your progress with A Dark Room or restart any time.

You can learn more about A Dark Room and play it here.

10. GemCraft

10 Addicting Free Browser Games to Play When You're Bored - 10

I left my favorite online browser game ever to the last. It is actually a series of four games and it is called GemCraft. GemCraft is a revolutionary tower defense game, that once you play, every other tower defense games will look like child's play. You can play all four games starting with the first one GemCraft, continuing with the second in the series, GemCraft Chapter 0, the third one GemCraft Labyrinth and the last one GemCraft Chasing Shadows, which in my opinion is also the best GemCraft game.

GemCraft takes the standard tower defense game and brings it to a whole new level. You build towers and defenses as usual, but you create and upgrade gems of various colors to be placed in towers, all providing different set of bonuses. You can upgrade, combine and destroy gems, drop them as gem bombs, earn skill points and gain levels, improve your passive bonuses, beat dozens of maps on multiple difficulties and test your skills on the survival mode.

If you are a tower defense games fan and haven't played GemCraft yet, you will most probably regret not trying this masterpiece before.

You can learn more about GemCraft and play it here.


This concludes our list of addicting free browser games. Enjoy the games!


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