Complete List of Discontinued Google Products

If a company doesn't evolve and adapt to the trends and requirements of an ever-changing world, especially if that company is providing Internet and software related products and services, the chances of that company surviving for long will be pretty low. Often times, we hear big companies closing their doors and being forgotten in the dusty shelves of the history.

One of the most dynamic companies when it comes to improving itself and adapting to the needs of the users and balancing their products and services based on what the competing companies are offering, is Google. Started in 1998 as an online search engine, Google quickly became the most visited website in the world, and for many users, it turned into the best search engine as it continued to grow and improve.

Complete List of Discontinued Google Products

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Before we continue with the discontinued products and services of Google, it will be helpful to take a quick look at the ones that are still active.

Active Google Products and Services

Google offers its core service, Google Web Search, via about 200 different Google homepages, but the company is not only known for its search engine. As of writing this post, Google offers dozens of online (also desktop and hardware) products and services in a wide range of areas.

Some of which you may already be familiar and perhaps you are using some of them on a daily basis. Here are the most popular Google services that are currently active:

- Google Web Search: The popular search engine most Internet users use to find things online.

- YouTube: The world's #1 video publishing and sharing website.

- Blogger: One of the most popular free blogging websites where you can start a free blog.

- Google Chrome: Currently, the most popular web browser that is widely used on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

- Google Translate: Helps you translate web pages or text between many languages easily.

- Google Maps: Google's online maps service where you can view the whole world and find any place or address you are looking for.

- Google Earth: A desktop application where you can browse the Earth in satellite view and do a lot more things.

- Gmail: Also known as Google Mail, Gmail is Google's free email service.

- Google Drive: One of the popular online file storage platforms where you can store your files and backups.

- Android: The free operating system that is used on a large number of mobile phones today.

- Google Play: The Google Play Store is where you can download and install apps on your Android devices.

- Google Hangouts: The instant messaging app of Google with enhanced features.

- Google Adwords: Advertising platform where businesses can advertise their products and services on Google search results or participating publishers' websites.

- Google AdSense: The program for website publishers to earn money by displaying ads on their sites.

- Google Analytics: Website traffic and conversion tracking tool.

- Google Docs: Online document creating and sharing tool.

- Google Forms: Online form creating and publishing tool.

- Google+: Google's social network for connecting with others and sharing online things.

- Also known as Google URL Shortener, the URL shortening service.

- reCAPTCHA: A captcha based spam prevention service.

You can find more products and services offered by Google on their products page here.

List of Retired Google Products and Services

Unless you started browsing online this year, I am pretty sure you will remember some of the products and services that will be listed below. In no specific order, here are the most popular discontinued Google products and service. Note that some of the services listed here were started by others and then acquired by Google. The start dates in parenthesis reflect the date of acquisition.

- Google Answers: (2002 - 2006) A question & answer website where you could ask questions and receive answers for bounties. Though it no longer accepts new questions, you can still browse its index of previous questions and answers.

- Google Lively: (2008 - 2008) A three dimensional virtual world for communication and chatting.

- Dodgeball: (2005 - 2009) A mobile application for local social networking.

- Google Page Creator: (? - 2009) The web page creation service where users could create web pages and host on Google's servers. It was then moved to Google Sites.

- Google Labs: (? - 2011) An experimentation environment for users and developers to test and try new things.

- Google Buzz: (2010 - 2011) Another social networking and sharing service of Google, which was integrated to Gmail.

- Google Dictionary: (? - 2011) An online dictionary.

- Aardvark: (2010 - 2011) A social search and answering service connecting friends and their friends.

- Google Health: (2008 - 2011) A health system where users were able to log their health records.

- Google Friend Connect: (2008 - 2012) A social networking system where users created profiles and made shares and updates through 3rd party sites. Later replaced with Google+.

- Knol: (2008 - 2012) Started as a project similar to Wikipedia, consisting of articles written by users.

- Picnik: (2010 - 2012) Famous free (with paid options) online photo editor which had a large user base.

- Meebo: (2012 - 2013) Social networking platform which was acquired and then closed by Google.

- Google Reader: (2005 - 2013) A web based tool for reading RSS feeds.

- Google Talk: (2005 - 2013) Google's once popular instant messaging tool, now replaced by Google Hangouts.

- iGoogle: (2005 - 2013) A personalized homepage, where you could customize the elements you see on it.

- Google Checkout: (2006 - 2013) Another famous service of Google, now merged with Google Wallet for handling online payments.

- Google Code: (? - 2016) A code hosting and revision control environment.

- Picasa: (2004 - 2016) An image viewing, organizing, editing and sharing platform. Now merged with Google Photos.

As you can see, there are a lot of products and services Google stopped continuing; in some cases to merge them with better and improved ones and in some cases due to a decline in usage. Note that there are some other less popular -in their time- products and services that Google discontinued, you can see the full list here.

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