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How to Close Other Tabs in Google Chrome

While working with more than one tab in your browser, you may sometimes need to close all other tabs but the active tab. You can close unused tabs in Google Chrome with a simple click and we will demonstrate how to do that in this tutorial.


If you are working on multiple tabs in Google Chrome, knowing how to close all tabs other than the active one might come handy especially when you need to open dozens of pages for researching something or the like.

Here is how that is done:

1. Select the tab that you want to keep open by clicking on its title bar.

How to Close Other Tabs in Google Chrome - 1

2. Right click on the tab title bar and select Close other tabs from the menu.

How to Close Other Tabs in Google Chrome - 2

This will close all the other tabs and keep the active tab open.

You can directly right click on any tab's title bar to close other tabs but it is safer to first select the tab you want to keep open in order to prevent closing the tab that you need by mistake.


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