How to Figure Out Your YouTube App Version

Do you know what version of YouTube app is installed on your phone or tablet? Are you wondering if you are using the most up-to-date app while watching videos? In this post, I will show you how to quickly learn what YouTube app version you have on your device.


There are so many mobile phones, tablets and similar mobile devices out there and there are even more apps that are used on them. To cater to the ever-growing needs of the mobile web and app users community, not only countless of new apps are developed every year but also the current ones are updated frequently. Bugs are fixed, improvements are made, new features are added, so that you, as the mobile user, can enjoy a better mobile experience and perform your daily tasks more efficiently.

YouTube is one of those websites, which is also available as an app on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Mobile that is frequently updated and constantly improved, allowing the users to watch videos and interact with others better and faster. You can get the YouTube app for Android here and for iOS here.

For a number of reasons, your phone might stop getting the latest updates from the Play Store for the apps that are installed on it. It might be a hardware or software bug, an account issue or some settings you have adjusted on your phone. In times like this, before using an app which requires you to log in to your account, such as the YouTube app, it is important that you check its version and make sure it is up to date to ensure the safety of your account and that you won't miss any recently added features.

We talked about how to install YouTube app by logging in to your Google Play Store account and how to update it in our other posts. To figure out whether it requires an update or not, you can first check what YouTube app version you currently have and what the latest version on the app store is. In the second part of this post, I will talk about how to check your device's YouTube app version.

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How to Check YouTube App Version on Android

We will demonstrate checking the version of YouTube app using an Android phone. You may have a different version of Android installed on your smartphone or tablet, but the basic steps should be more or less the same. Now, let's start.

STEP 1: Grab your phone and tap on the Settings icon.

The Settings icon can be found on the Apps screen, unless you already have its shortcut on the home screen.

How to Figure Out Your YouTube App Version - 1

STEP 2: On the Settings screen, tap on More tab and then the Application Manager.

How to Figure Out Your YouTube App Version - 2

This will open the application manager where all the apps that are installed on your phone will be listed. You will see a number of tabs such as Downloaded, SD Card, Running and All. YouTube app should be listed on the Downloaded tab, if not, check the other tabs too.

STEP 3: Once you find the YouTube app on the apps list, tap on it.

How to Figure Out Your YouTube App Version - 3

The App Info page will be opened. This page is where you can find important information about the apps such as their version number, storage data, permissions and options for updating or force stopping the app and turning on/off app notifications.

How to Figure Out Your YouTube App Version - 4

STEP 4: Just below the app name at the top, you will see the version number (e.g. Version 11.39.56). This number is your YouTube app version. Take note of it so that you can compare it with the one on the Play Store or any other device of yours.

This is how to easily check the YouTube app version on your phone or tablet running on Android. Now that you know the version number, it is time for an update if it is not up to date.

If you ever need to uninstall YouTube app or any other app from your device for any reason, you can check our tutorial about uninstalling apps on Android.

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